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Daniel Berger


Deepan Handpans are lovingly crafted by me, Daniel Berger. It is a family business, in which I
am also supported by my wife Christina. I am the father of three sons and our working room is
located near a beautiful castle in the center of the Alps in the south part of Austria, Carinthia.

The first time I came in touch with the wonderful instrument „Hang“, I felt magnetically attracted
to it. Unfortunately, it was not possible or very difficult to obtain one at that time. Therefore, the
idea came up to build one for myself, but after many hours of work, highs and lows, it became
clear that this is rather a „vocation“ than a „hobby“.

Only five years ago, when I started, information on this craft was rare and so I taught myself from
the ground up.

I was the first Austrian to make handpans and
founded the company „deepan handpans“!

Every step – from driving the sheet to the basic shape of the bowl through the tuning process – was
brought to perfection over the years.

I still work each clay field by hand without the pressing of prefabricated clay fields. The reason
why I currently prefabricated half bowls is an operation of my wrist, but I am focused on
producing these in the future again by myself.


I sincerely thank the universe, my family, my dear friends and the numerous „deepan players“ for the support of my company.

Without you, that would never have been possible.

If you are interested, I am very happy about your contact!
Each instrument is created with love and dedication!
PEACE & LOVE – Daniel & family (DEEPAN)

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